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Jeb Lopez

Jeb Lopez

CEO and Owner | Wheelz Up

Jeb is the CEO and Owner of WHEELZ UP – a local courier service delivering auto parts to dealerships and automotive companies. Wheelz Up had its roots in VA, MD and now in TX, NY and FL with targeted expansion to areas that Jeb envisions growth in this niche. Having borrowed $8k from his father in 2010, and starting with two second-hand vans, Jeb has bootstrapped his business and was able to expand his fleet to 300+ vans and 330+ employees strong. He has also ventured into a new line of business in dockless electric scooters with Bolt and re-defining the meaning of Micromobility with his new company, BOLTZ UP.


Upcoming and recent sessions

Autonomy Meets the Last-Mile King

November 12, 2021
5:15 PM - 6:00 PM (ET)

Autonomous, roadworthy delivery robots may revolutionize the way we receive goods and how delivery services are deployed — and those bots are being tested on the road today. But how will delivery bots coexist and even augment traditional last-mile delivery services? More Info

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