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Autonomy and Trucking: What Do Fleets Need to Know Today? (Concurrent)

November 11
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Joanna Buttler
Daimler Trucks North America

Peter Nogalo
ARI Fleet

While widescale adoption of autonomous vehicles is likely years away, integrations between AV technology providers, automakers, and end-user fleets are expanding exponentially. For trucking fleet operators, the questions are growing too: How will this integrate with my existing fleet? How do I prep my people and workforce? How will this change the logistics of day-to-day operations? How will AVs handle unbalanced loads, tire blowouts, and unexpected road hazards? Is it better to own the trucks, or pay others to operate them? This interactive panel will explore these questions and more — from the inside the autonomous team of the biggest semi-truck manufacturer in the world.   

Moderator: Peter Nogalo