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Dude, Where's my Company Car?

November 11
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Dan Belknap

Melika Jahangiri
Wunder Mobility

The corporate fleet of the future isn’t all about one fleet vehicle for one employee. Technology and new processes are allowing the concept of a mobility budget – giving employees a stipend to access the transportation that fits their needs of the moment – to come to fruition. At the same time, some companies are contracting with carshare systems and tech suppliers for access to carshare vehicles on demand. We’ll look at overcoming barriers such as tax regulations, employee education, parking, build internally or partner? While this new direction promises to drive efficiencies and conserve fleet budget, one size doesn’t fit all. Analyzing real use cases, we’ll help you find out if the permutations on this model will work for you.  

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