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Solving the ETA Conundrum: Predicting, Monitoring & Alerting with Map Intelligence

November 12
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

John Paape
Roehl Transport

Rishi Mehra
Trimble Maps

Deborah Lockridge
Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine

There is an operational struggle with ETAs. Fleets are looking to drive efficiency and provide superior customer service. Uncertainty with traffic, drivers making unplanned stops, or hours of service break times, can lead to unforeseen delays and prevention of future load planning. Shippers are trying to gain load visibility and freight status information, while also managing facilities to reduce dwell and detention time. In this session, learn how to accurately predict an estimated time of time of arrival, while also monitor the actuality of those arrival times, and proactively alert stakeholders using advanced mapping technologies and integration systems.