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Autonomy Meets the Last-Mile King

November 12
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM

Jeb Lopez
Wheelz Up

Charlie Vogelheim
Vogelheim Ventures

Autonomous, roadworthy delivery robots may revolutionize the way we receive goods and how delivery services are deployed — and those bots are being tested on the road today. But how will delivery bots coexist and even augment traditional last-mile delivery services? Join this spirited session with Marcus Strom, Head of Fleet Management at Nuro, an autonomous technology company, and Jeb Lopez, one of the nation’s preeminent Amazon and FedEx contractors for last-mile deliveries. Jeb and Marcus will dissect today’s last-mile delivery challenges from a fleet operator’s perspective and how autonomy can address them to form a profitable business model. Discussion topics include contingency planning, staffing challenges, dispatching to route optimization, safety, preventive maintenance, infrastructure planning, and worker and customer engagement. Attendees will understand the ways in which last-mile businesses — along with other fleet service providers — will integrate to form a new autonomous delivery ecosystem.  

Moderator: Charlie Vogelheim