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Electric Power Versus Fossil Fuel: A Data-Driven Approach to Managing EV Charging (Concurrent)

November 12
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Richard Mohr

Charlie Vogelheim
Vogelheim Ventures

Is managing an electric fleet truly cheaper than managing an internal combustion engine (ICE) fleet? The answer depends on if you’re doing it right. In this fireside chat, join global fleet leader and Vice President, Fleet Solutions, Rich Mohr and payment information management expert and Director, Strategy, Hannah Young as they talk through understanding total cost of ownership after fleets electrify. Both will walk through the findings and misconceptions behind managing EV charging to effectively reduce costs and seamlessly adapt operations. Additionally, they will share how cost savings extend past just the dollar amount to significant reduction to carbon footprint to help meet sustainability goals.

Moderator: Charlie Vogelheim