Formulating Your Light-Duty Fleet Charging Strategy (Fleet Forward concurrent)

November 10
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Simon Lonsdale
bp pulse fleet

Kristin Slanina
Park My Fleet

Jason Kazmar
Element Fleet Management

“A great plan leads to a smooth execution” is abundantly true when it comes to EV fleet charging. Yet with a myriad of considerations surrounding home, depot, and public charging, where do you start? This seminar will provide that roadmap for light-duty fleets. Attendees will understand the decision processes around site design and power upgrades, energy management, connectivity and software, home and en-route charging considerations, fleet policy updates, and overall cost. They’ll also take in firsthand findings about public charging — from route planning and identifying charging locations to optimizing battery life — from the Charge Across America trek.

Hall of Cities Ballroom