Reducing Carbon Emissions Isn't Just About EVs (Fleet Forward breakout)

November 10
1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

David Mesa
City of San Jose

Jack Johnson
Volta Power Systems

David Renschler
City of Fairfield CA

Sarah Booth
Sawatch Labs

In the rush to electrify and with pressures around new regulations and ESG mandates, the task of reducing fleet emissions can seem overwhelming. But as the electrification market takes time to mature, there are many initiatives fleets can take in the nearer term that deliver incremental yet meaningful emissions reductions. This diverse panel will share what’s working on the ground right now — discussing strategies around sustainable vehicle replacement, hybrids, renewables and other alt-fuels, idle-reduction technologies, route optimization, driver training, and more. They’ll also share how to collect and analyze the data to demonstrate results.

Moderator: Sarah Booth, Sawatch Labs

Hall of Cities Ballroom