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B.J. Adams

B.J. Adams

Senior Product Analyst, Data Science Initiatives | Fleetio

B.J. Adams is a Senior Product Analyst for Data Science initiatives at Fleetio. As a member of the Product Team, he is working to apply modern machine learning, analytics and process automation to the fleet management process within the Fleetio platform. B.J. has taken a non-traditional path into the data science space, spending the first 8 years of his post-Marine Corps career working in transportation fleet maintenance and fleet asset management. B.J. learned the tools of the trade (SQL, Python, Statistics, etc.) and began building solutions to his own fleet management problems, including a fuel card misuse algorithm, fleet utilization analytics reporting, as well as building out a central fleet database with connection to a Business Intelligence solution for general reporting. Prior to joining Fleetio, B.J. worked as a Senior Data Scientist at the Michelin Americas Research Center. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Finance from Arkansas State University, as well as a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Business Analytics from the University of South Carolina.

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November 10, 2020
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (PT)

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