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Free2Move’s fleet management services offer the most comprehensive solution for any fleet size or business type. Build your fleet, optimize costs, and facilitate your employees’ mobility with solutions from Free2Move. Free2Movie is powered by NX Telematics, inc and used on millions of vehicles across North America, Asia and Europe.  

Connect Fleet

Free2Move’s Connect Fleet, a telematics solution, offers a simple and efficient solution for connected fleets designed to improve fleet productivity, reduce total cost of ownership, increase service quality, and optimize team management. Whether a large company or a micro-enterprise, Free2Move helps businesses and governments easily monitor, analyze, and optimize their fleet in real time. Free2Move is brand agnostic and delivers quick profitability, generally in less than 10 months.

Fleet Sharing

Free2Move Fleet sharing enables any business to run an internal car sharing service with contactless and keyless access to vehicles. A 100% digital solution, our system provides real time vehicle tracking and driver data for fleet managers. For renters, our solution can be used via smartphone from start to finish to make a reservation, locate and access the vehicle, and start it. It is meant to provide the most convenient mobility services, anywhere, anytime, for both end customers and corporate customers.

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