Fleet Forward Conference Nov. 9-11 | Santa Clara, CA

Solution Provider - US Cellular

Fleet management from UScellular ® is an easy-to-use Internet of Things (IoT) solution that connects vehicles, routes, assets and drivers so you can see the big picture. Actionable insights delivered directly to your laptop, tablet or smartphone reveal how to save time, money and resources, while GPS-enabled features help you deliver the outstanding service your customers expect.

Fleet management is one of a full suite of solutions offered by UScellular. Each one is backed by the support of local Business Solutions Experts who provide guidance every step of the way, and by a network that can keep you connected where you do business — in urban and rural areas. UScellular is also building your next-generation 5G network to provide higher speeds, broader coverage and customized network options.

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More visibility. Better results.Fleet management helps you deliver on your organization’s goals.

Iowa HVAC Company Boosts Productivity and Savings With Fleet Management


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