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Solution Provider - LightMetrics

Safer Driving Powered by AI on the Edge and Advanced Analytics on the Cloud


LightMetrics helps fleets become safer and more efficient using their AI powered video telematics service. The use of AI on the edge provides real time coaching to drivers for unsafe driving behaviors such as distracted driving, following too closely, stop sign violations, speeding, etc. Fleet managers can work with their fleets more efficiently through actionable data such as behaviors to pay attention to, drivers who are doing very well, drivers who need coaching, etc. Video analytics is accessible either through the LightMetrics dashboard or through REST APIs.

Given that fleets are very diverse in terms of their operations - vehicles, tractors, risk profiles, budgets, type of business (over the road, vocational, K12, off road, etc.), LightMetrics recognizes that one size does not fit all when it comes to video telematics. LightMetrics not only supports multiple hardware options across price points to benefit fleets, but also works with any camera that meets requirements.

Efficient AI on the edge is the USP of LightMetrics – this is key to making the benefits of AI more accessible as LightMetrics software can run even on ARM processors. This benefits fleets in terms of a greater return on investment since LightMetrics can do more with less.

LightMetrics works very closely with telematics service providers (TSPs) - benefiting fleets with the combined power of analytics from telematics and video available in a single portal.

TSPs have the choice of either using LightMetrics white labelled analytics portal for their fleet customers or doing a deeper integration, pulling analytics using REST APIs into their own portal.

Being able to differentiate, create and own user experiences benefits TSPs greatly. The flexibility LightMetrics provides a TSP in designing their own video telematics offering is unparalleled. Given LightMetrics experience of enabling partners, go-to-market is greatly accelerated for TSPs who want to launch their own video telematics solutions.

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