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Solution Provider - Pitstop Connect

Predicting Vehicle Failures Before They Happen™

Pitstop is a cloud-based Predictive Maintenance Platform, enabling fleets to leverage the wealth of data and information available from their vehicles in order to optimize overall performance.

Using Pitstop's proprietary insights and predicting vehicle failures before they happen, fleets can make insightful business decisions to optimize their service visits to drastically:

  • Reduce downtime by 20%
  • Save up to $2000 per vehicle/year
  • Reduce overall risk
  • See significant returns on investment
  • And make a fleet manager's job significantly easier

Download Pitstop’s One-Pager Here

Combining leading AI technology and machine learning, Pitstop predicts and communicates vehicle failures, the maintenance needs of vehicles, and vehicle-related data in real-time (i.e. battery voltage, fuel trims, diesel exhaust parameters, etc.).

Let the data work for you. Keep your fleet on the road with Pitstop.

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