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Your Pathway to Electrification

Motiv Power Systems

Motiv Power Systems is a US-based sustainable technology company delivering industry-leading electric trucks and buses and charging infrastructure offerings.

Every day, fleet managers deploy hundreds of Motiv vehicles as the “backbone of urban commerce”. With over 98% uptime, Motiv is the only electric vehicle (EV) provider trusted day-in and day-out to carry goods, move people, and perform tasks as part of core North American fleet operations. Our customers include the top three linen companies and the largest bakery in the USA, as well as the largest Canadian parcel carrier.

Over the past decade, we developed a proven and proprietary design process that blends your real-world, on-the-road input with our deep EV technical expertise. Our working knowledge ensures your EV fleets deliver on sustainability goals while maintaining business productivity, driver safety, and customer efficiency.

Motiv Power Systems Company Overview

Motiv Power Systems All-Electric Class 5/6 Step Van

Motiv Power Systems All-Electric School Bus


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