Evolution of Fleet Payments

November 08
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
California Ballroom

John Donahue

Roger Lanctot

In the rapid evolution of technology and mobility, fleet payments are changing too — driving new fleet management efficiencies but demanding new standardizations and systems interoperability. In this session, panelists will discuss payments and the transition to EVs, including mixed EV and ICE vehicle fleets and across home, depot, and public charging. They’ll share the new roles of apps, RFID, and tap-n-pay — and how the vehicle itself can be used to pay for fuel and other transaction types without a physical card. Finally, attendees will learn new ways to harness payments and telematics data to mitigate fraud, tabulate carbon offsets, streamline the back office, and reward drivers.

Moderator: Roger Lanctot, TechInsights; Panelists: John Donahue, Fleetcor; Sterling Pratz, CarIQ; Jay Collins, WEX