Fall 2022 | Silicon Valley

Your strategy starts here.

A transportation revolution is underway. Intelligent transportation systems, electric, shared, and connected vehicles, and changing public policies are converging on the path to autonomous vehicles.

And fleets play a central role.

Through curated networking and high-level education, Fleet Forward Conference is designed to:

  • Educate commercial, corporate, and government fleet operators of all types on mobility solutions to foster greater fleet efficiency.
  • Understand and assimilate new types of fleets forming to serve the evolving transportation ecosystem.
  • Create, share, and implement best practices for new business models involving fleets on the path to autonomy.

Potential educational topics include, but are not limited to: connected vehicles, autonomous technology, last-mile mobility, IoT, shared mobility (pooling, carsharing, ridehailing), electrification, Fleet Management as a Service, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), next-generation telematics.

Fleet Forward Conference assembles a broad base of attendee types:

  • Commercial, corporate, and government fleets
  • Carsharing, peer-to-peer, and last-mile fleets
  • Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)
  • Mobility solutions and carsharing suppliers
  • Fleet leasing/management companies (FMCs)
  • Telematics providers
  • Auto manufacturers
  • City and municipal planners
  • Fleet services providers

Fleet Forward Conference is part of Bobit Business Media. Bobit Business Media is the world’s largest media company serving the fleet industry. Reaching all levels of fleet professionals representing more than 18 million vehicles, Bobit is uniquely poised to lead the mobility revolution from a fleet perspective. Since Automotive Fleet’s launch in 1961, Bobit’s fleet-specific brands have grown to include nine print magazines, 13 conferences and tradeshows, 11 industry web sites and associated email newsletters. Bobit covers the fleet market from top to bottom, including commercial, rental, and government fleets that utilize cars, vans, and light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

Invest two days of your time with us, and we'll set you on the path to become a knowledge leader in your fleet.