Protecting Your Fleet Drivers from Crime (concurrent)

November 09
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Phil Moser

Kristin Leary
Syneos Health

As crime rates continue to skyrocket, fleet drivers and those whose jobs include driving are at greater risk of becoming crime victims. This presentation will deliver statistics on types of crime to put into perspective your drivers’ potential exposures. Attendees will then learn tips and tactics to avoid becoming victims of road rage assaults, carjackings, vehicle thefts, property thefts from vehicles, and catalytic converter thefts. With on-the-ground fleet perspective, attendees will also learn how to manage assaults that occur when confronting criminals, assaults and robberies when using public EV charging, and how to properly handle a police stop.

Moderator: Christy Grimes, Bobit: Panelists: Kristin Leary, Syneos Health; Phil Moser, Syneos Health