From Driver Assist to Partial Automation — Functionality, Policy, Safety & ROI

November 10
8:30 AM - 9:15 AM

Wiley Deck

Kevin Chronicle
Bosch in North America

Mark Sandoval

Sunjay Dodani
Revvo Technologies

Within the six levels of automation, the gap between L2 and L3 is where advanced driver-assist systems transfer to partial automation. Join this expert panel to understand how to negotiate this transition, which is happening now. Panelists will share the system differences between L2 and L2++ to L3. They’ll discuss the current regulatory environment, how and when liability shifts from the driver to the system, and ways to manage driver education and training.  With this education in the safety, comfort, and economic considerations of these systems, fleets will be better prepared to incorporate them today and in the near future.

Moderator: Sunjay Dodani, Revvo Technologies; Panelists: Kevin Chronicle, Bosch; Mark Sandoval, Ouster; Wiley Deck, Plus AI