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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Discover Global Network Discover Global Network | Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Fleet Management as a Service | Software | Telematics/Connectivity

Discover® Global Network, the global payments brand of Discover Financial Services, processes millions of cardholder transactions each day. With industry expertise, innovative technology and a closed-loop infrastructure, Discover Global Network provides effective, customized solutions that evolve as needs change.

LightMetrics LightMetrics | Autonomous Technology/ADAS | Artificial Intelligence (AI)

LightMetrics helps fleets become safer and more efficient using their AI powered video telematics service. The use of AI on the edge provides real time coaching to drivers for unsafe driving behaviors such as distracted driving, following too closely, stop sign violations, speeding, etc. Fleet managers can work with their fleets more efficiently through actionable data such as behaviors to pay attention to, drivers who are doing very well, drivers who need coaching, etc. Video analytics is accessible either through the LightMetrics dashboard or through REST APIs.

Pitstop Connect Pitstop Connect | Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Telematics/Connectivity

Pitstop is a cloud-based Predictive Maintenance Platform, enabling fleets to leverage the wealth of data and information available from their vehicles in order to optimize overall performance.